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What is a Kigusuit?

A kigusuit is a costume that lies somewhere between a kigurumi and a fursuit. Chaotic Berry Kigusuits specifically are a loose-fitting fur body with fleece accents on the arms and legs. The heads are constructed on top of an adjustable baseball cap to fit all types of head sizes. The signature googly eyes are removable and replaceable if you wish to make your own. All kigusuits are made with pockets or pouches for you to store all your snacks, goodies, and trinkets! The heads are removable via a zipper so the bodies can be washed with no issue. To also help with washing, the tails are stuffable and unstuffable so you can make them as plush as you wish!Why a Kigusuit and not a fursuit or kigu?
The concept of the Chaotic Berry Kigusuits came to be because we wanted to be fluffy and fuzzy but wanted an option where we could see and breathe easy(so no fursuit head) and have full use of our hands. Thus, the opossums were born! They are the perfect balance of dexterity, comfort, and low maintenance while also having the excitement of being a fuzzy creature!

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Custom Chaotic Berry Kigusuits are now available! We will be making 2 (two) for FWA pickup with a payment plan option available. MUST BE PAID OFF BEFORE FWA!
Below, there are 2 slots for customs. You may bid on either one. Please understand it will take a little bit for the bid number to update.
To send an offer: put your email and bid price in the desired box! You will get an email back (not immediately) saying the bid has been accepted and the number will be updated.MINIMUM OF $25 INCREASE ON BIDOffers will close on March 15 at 10AM! Happy bidding :3For more information, please join the
Telegram Channel!
Find us selling premades at the following conventions in 2024:FurtheMore

Custom Kigusuit #1
Current Bid: no bid
SB is $2500

Be sure to specify if you are bidding on slot #1

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What is a Kigusuit?
we answer that here!
Can I commission one?
Absolutely! Information on pricing can be found here.
Please note that we are not currently open, but we hope to soon!
Do you sell premades?
We do! Usually we sell them at conventions, but you can see if we have any currently for sale here!
Can I make my own?
We do not own the concept of a kigu/fursuit hybrid, so please feel free to make any type of costume you'd like! We would just ask that you do not copy our characters, designs, patterns, or unique style. Make your own creation!
Can I have the pattern?
We are not comfortable sharing our patterns and encourage you to make your own!
Do I need to make a duct tape dummy to order one?
Nope! Because these are loose fitting, similar to a kigu, we work from measurements.
Who are you?
We are a team of two nonbinary, independent artists. The concept was conceived by Berry Meat (Vix) while the patterning was done by Otter Chaos (Ozzy). Both of us work together outside of our regular jobs to create fun creatures for everyone to enjoy! Make sure you check out both artists and consider supporting us!
Were can I learn more?
We have a Telegram channel for all things Chaotic Berry Kigusuits! Check it out and follow here!
How can I contact with more questions?
Feel free to tweet at us!
BerryMeat | OtterChaos
Other methods of contact coming soon.

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These are the Kigusuits we currently have for sale!
Here you can see the price, features, and sizes of each kigusuit we have available. Remember each is one of a kind, so when they're gone, they're gone!
How does this work?
Decide which kigusuit you'd like to place an offer on.
Click the button below to place your offer. Make sure you fill out each section of the form or your offer may not be considered!
Once we have enough entries, we will determine which offer is the best for us and contact the chosen recipient. When a kigusuit is sold and payment has gone through, the listing will be removed from here.
Shipping is NOT included in the offer price! Shipping estimates will be posted once we have a better idea of what they will be. Shipping cannot be 100% determined until we know what country they will be shipping to. So please understand the final price will be offer + shipping!
We accept payment through paypal and square. Payment plans can be discussed, but we will not ship anything until it is fully paid off. Payment plans may not exceed 3 months unless otherwise discussed.
Because these are premade kigusuits, we made them with standard sizing. Please check each listing to see what the sizes are! If you are unsure about sizing, you can add your arm, inseam, foot-shoulder, chest, and waist measurements in your offer. Alternatively you can ask us for measurements of the size you are thinking about!
OFFERS END ON MARCH 6*If we get an offer we can't refuse before the 6th, we will accept the offer and remove the listing from this page. If we don't accept any offers on a KS, or don't get any by the deadline, we will take them to the next con.

African Wild Dog

📡 Offers $2400+
📡 Medium size, fits roughly 5' 5"-6' 1" 150-190lbs
📡 Model is 5' 4" 150lb
📡 Removable hood/head via zipper
📡 Stuffable/unstuffable tail
📡 Removable googly eyes
📡 Pockets!
📡 Squeaky Nose
📡 Big Ears


⛄ Offers $2200+
⛄ Medium size, fits roughly 5' 5"-6' 1" 150-190lbs
⛄ Model is 5' 4" 150lb
⛄ Removable hood/head via zipper
⛄ Stuffable/unstuffable tail
⛄ Removable SPARKLY googly eyes
⛄ Pockets!
⛄ Squeaky Nose

strawberry husky

🍓 Offers $2200+
🍓 Small size, fits roughly 5'-5' 9" 115-160lb
🍓 Model is 5' 4" 150lb
🍓 Removable hood/head via zipper
🍓 Stuffable/unstuffable tail
🍓 Removable SPARKLY googly eyes
🍓 Pockets!
🍓 Squeaky Nose

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What is your offer?

Thank you for your interest in Chaotic Berry Kigusuits!Please fill out the form below with as much detail as possible. Include your name AND social media link (Twitter, Instagram, Bluesky, whatever you have!)
We will get back to you as soon as we can!
Remember, due to country of destination and fluctuating costs, shipping is NOT included in the offer and will be separate after cost is determined

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Thank you

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